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Automatic Feeder

Type: Feed Line
Manufacturer: Automatic Feed Company
Model Number: Unknown
Serial Number: 948 through 952
Year: 1960

General Specification:
948 Feeding Machine
Thickness: 0.0299" to 0.156"
Width: 60"
Stroke Length: 0 to 72"
Strokes per Minute: 20
Speeds per Minute: 1200"

Rack & Pinion drive, Formsprag-over running clutch; automatic and
hand release (air operated); releasing brake (mechanical); floor
mounting; distance from floor to top of lower feed roll or feed line, 55"
run-in mechanism (2 HP Gear head meter required); 20 Hp
Adjusto Speeds Drive (3 to 1 range) for driving feed; electrical
equipment for automatic operation.

Set of pinch or feed rolls, 10" diam. X 60-1/2" Long all rolls hardened
and mounted on anti-friction bearings; pinch of feed rolls
power driven; gear train, over running clutch and throw block
enclosed. Operating in a bath of oil: Approx. Weight 16,500

949 Straightener

Thickness: 0.0299" to 0.156"
Width: 60"
Strokes per Minute: 250" to 1500"

2 sets of pinch rolls, one on incoming and done on outgoing side; air
release on pinch rolls; five 4" dia. X 60-1/2; long straighten rolls
back up to center; all pinch and lower straighten rolls power
drive; upper straighten rolls adjustable by worm gears
(individually or together); all rolls hardened and mounted on anti-friction
bearings; air clutch, stock guides on ingoing side support
on outgoing side, straighten positioned 15 degrees with
horizontal; 50 Hp Adjusto Speed Drive and Electric controls.

Dpeeler and hold down.

950 Cradle; Expanding Arbor Type
Coil Weight: 40,000 Lbs.
Width: 10" to 60"
Inside diameter: 18" to 30"
Outside Diameter: 45" to 72"
Threading speed per minute: 400"

Motorized threading; arbor brakes air drag with cylinder for fast
stopping; 2-71/2 Hp Gear head motors for arbor and threading; Approx.
Weight 254,000 Lbs.

951 Loading Cart
Cart for loading coil into expanding arbor type cradle;
Capacity: 40,000 Lbs.
Coils: 10" to 60"
Outside Diameter: 45" to 72"

Includes hydraulic lift; hydraulic motor travel and wheels; hydraulic
pump tank valves;
Motor controls: 10Hp, 1,200 Rpm.
Peeler and hold down rolls. Air operated with vertical travel up and
down and in and out movement of the peeler point which will force material and into the
pinch roll of the straightener;
Weight 2000 Lbs.

Threading Rails capable of automatically threading material from the
straightener to the feeding machine; consisting of Frame; two
stock support rail which move in and out by right and left hand
screws driven by a 2 Hp motor; fram forms guide rails for
each side of loop area.
Weight 3000 Lbs.

952 Coil Upender
Weight capacity 10,000 Lbs.
Width 20" to 60"
Outside Diameter 40" to 60"

Pivoted cradle, one side plain and the other side slotted to allow the cart
lift cylinder to raise the coil and carry to the cradle; between
the upender and cradle, it will be necessary to turn the coil
90 degrees on the cart; upender will be drive by a 1 Hp
gearhead motor.

Price: Net prior to removal; On location

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